We Got Married!

19 07 2012
The New Alchemy Logo

The New Alchemy Logo

Okay, not really. But that’s how George K. Regan put it when describing our relationship last week. He’s the Chairman and Founder of Regan Communications Group (RCG), one of the largest privately held public relations agencies in the United States, and Alchemy merged with RCG in late June. The firm is headquartered in Boston, and has offices in New York City (at 75 Rockefeller Plaza, no less), Cape Cod, Providence, Hartford, and we’ll be heading up its South Florida operation. We’re going to move our stuff into RCG’s existing offices, which means Steve and I will have to get up and walk out of our respective offices to have our next girly slapfight.

“We’re proud to welcome Alchemy as a member of the Regan Communications family,” George said in the official press releases, which were picked up by the New York Times, the Boston Herald, PR Week, and more. “Alchemy’s expertise in advertising and marketing will help Regan Communications service the business communities of Florida in ways that our competitors in the marketplace cannot. We have grown to become a one-stop communications solution for clients in New England, New York, Florida, and nationwide.”

Steve Owens, partner | creative director

Steve Owens, partner | creative director

I added my own two cents: “We feel that we have found the right partner at the right time in Regan Communications,” said Kelly Owens, co-founder of Alchemy Communications Group.  “This partnership will allow us to continue to grow and offer new services including crisis communications, event management, and in-house video capabilities while also receiving the strongest support and unparalleled expertise from one of the country’s most well-respected agencies. We couldn’t be more excited about our future together.”

Kelly Owens, partner | editorial director

Kelly Owens | editorial director

We even went and had pictures taken — that’s how serious it is. We stay behind the cameras, thank you very much, so this was a real moment. Thanks to Dana Hoff for the snaps.

So, we’ll keep you posted when we have our new contact info. We’re moving into the new space any minute; we need to find the time to actually do so! And thanks to everyone who has already called and emailed to say congrats.




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