We’re News…

20 07 2012

Alchemy Communications Group Joins
Regan Communications Group’s Growing Portfolio

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County was nice enough to put our press release up on its website this week, and then we made the “Hot Leads” column in today’s South Florida Business Journal.

We feel like we’ve hit the big time!

Hey, we know all the press up to now has been because Regan Communications Group (RCG) is a big deal, they’ve been around since 1984, they’re major players. The local pick ups are nice because they’re a bit more about us and what we’ve accomplished since we started Alchemy in 2009. We aren’t exactly flashy, and it’s never been in our nature to self-promote. We’ve always felt that our work speaks for itself, and maybe that’s both naive and idealistic in a world where people tweet their every…um, passing thought. And post things on Facebook that are better left to a one-on-one conversation rather than a permanent digital record.

So, we’re going to get better at “PR.” Especially since we’re part of one of the largest PR firms in the country. Although our relationship is based on Alchemy bringing our unique vision and abilities to this relationship, continuing RCG’s mission to become a full-service marketing communications firm, we will absorb some of their culture as we bring a creative perspective to the relationship that comes from a wholly different place.  This is an exciting time for all of us…



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