About Alchemy Communications Group

Creative Alchemy is the blog for Alchemy Communications Group.
We’re guilty of wickedly effective graphic design…
Choreographing ad, marketing & editorial…
Taming PR and social media…
And relishing every word.
Alchemy Communications Group, a subsidiary of Regan Communications Group, is your answer to all things marketing, advertising, visual branding, broadcast, publicity, and social media. We’re a boutique firm specializing in creating corporate identities; inventive branding; fantastic packaging design; unique and one-of-a-kind website design and content creation; traditional print, broadcast, and electronic advertising; print and online marketing tools; spot-on writing; and your entree into public relations and social media.
Kelly Owens, partner | editorial director

Kelly Owens | editorial director

Alchemy’s clients are businesses and institutions ready for an infusion of marketing alchemy. Services are a la carte or on retainer, and we were taught to play nicely with other existing agencies and vendors. We’ve over 50 years of combined professional experience in graphic design; art direction; journalism, copywriting, and ghostwriting; print, photo, and video production; custom website design, content creation, and site maintenance; public relations and social media; direct-response marketing; multi-media presentations; promotions; strategic planning; account management; and trade show booth design and presentations. We’re students of killer product design, packaging, visual production, the written word, trendspotters, surfers of the information highway, research hunter/gatherers, media addicts, quick thinkers, and wickedly effective creators of the kind of marketing your business needs — and deserves.

Steve Owens, partner | creative director

Steve Owens, creative director

We have experience in healthcare, alternative medicine, bioscience, aviation/aerospace, telecommunications, spas, salons, skincare, cosmetics, fashion, luxury real estate, restaurants and nightclubs, retail shopping destinations, financial services, economic development organizations, non-profit government-related associations, county and city governments, as well as promoting new entrepreneurships,  brilliant ideas, and start-up businesses.

Find us at 561.935.9953 or email Steve Owens, Partner/Creative Director at so@alchemycommgroup.com , or Kelly Owens, Partner/Editorial Director at ko@alchemycommgroup.com.

You can also become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter  to see what we’re saying (ooh, mixed metaphor).

The website is up, but we subscribe to that old-school ideal, “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot.” For those of you who grew up in a 100% digital world, with a TV and a computer in your own bedroom, and you’ve never gotten up to change the channel unless the batteries died in your remote, what that means is we spend all our time making sure the client’s marketing and advertising and website and social media are ON IT, and that self-promotion happens when we have some spare time. Not, you know, the other way around.

So, no matter what you see on the blog or the website, we have newer work we haven’t had time to post yet. Call or email us, ask if that’s really true. Guaranteed we can prove it.

Now that we’ve made it sound so compellingly au courant, feel free to check out the website at www.alchemycommgroup.com. We’re even threatening to redesign the site just as soon as we have the time. And we’re going to go on vacation, too.

Heh. We should be doing stand up, people.

Alchemy Communications Group
A Regan Company
270 S. Central Boulevard
Suite 200
Jupiter, Florida 33458
phone 561.935.9953
fax 561.935.3037

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