BDB Wins First-Place Awards from The Florida Economic Development Council for Alchemy’s Creative

19 08 2012
Just some of the components of the "Right Here. Right Now." multimedia campaign developed for the BDB.

Just some of the components of the “Right Here. Right Now.” multimedia campaign.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County was honored at The Florida Economic Development Council’s (FEDC) 2012 Annual Meeting with three first-place awards in promotional and marketing innovation — and two of those were for creative work done in collaboration with Alchemy.

The BDB received the first-place award in the following categories: Ad Campaign for its “Right Here.Right Now.” multimedia effort targeting out-of-state corporate headquarters via a direct appeal to those companies’ CEOs (produced with Alchemy); External Publication for its annual business magazine and investor/member directory, Profile Magazine (primarily an in-house effort with the help of an outside publisher specializing in this sort of hybrid product); and E-Media for its micro-site at, the web-based component of the “Right Here. Right Now.” campaign (again, with Alchemy).

As part of the campaign, the microsite was accessed via QR code with a smart phone or tablet

As part of the campaign, the micro-site was accessed via QR code with a smart phone or tablet.

FEDC’s annual awards both emphasize outstanding marketing strategies and encourage the development of more effective marketing tools through example. Judging criteria included creativity, impact, quality, originality, and substance. In a press release announcing the wins, the BDB’s President and CEO, Kelly Smallridge, said, ““We are extremely proud to be recognized for the way we market Palm Beach County to businesses. The BDB was able to compete statewide and win three awards due to the commitment of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and the private sector.”

Ms. Smallridge went on to make direct reference to the ongoing work Alchemy has been doing with the BDB over the past two years in rebranding all of its collateral and revamping the look of its various media, from print collateral and ads, to web and social. “We updated our brand through the design and implementation of new print materials and a new website to better market the attractive business climate in Palm Beach County to potential corporate headquarters. It’s very rewarding to be recognized by our peers throughout the state as having programs which are innovative and designed to showcase the assets of our corporate environment.”

It has been rewarding for Alchemy as well to work with a client so open-minded to change and willing to step away from the tried-and-true look developed by so many economic development organizations around the country with which Palm Beach County competes.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County is the official public/private economic development organization for Palm Beach County and Enterprise Florida. Founded in 1982 — and celebrating its 30th Anniversary, for which Alchemy designed a special logo that will be unveiled at its annual Gala in September — as a not-for-profit corporation, the BDB’s primary purpose is to attract and retain new industry, business investment, high-quality jobs, and workforce development through corporate relocations, expansions, and international trade. During the past five years, the BDB has assisted companies that have created more than 7,900 direct jobs with average salaries greater than $55,400, resulting in more than $400 million in capital investment to Palm Beach County and an economic impact that exceeds $1.8 billion. And that benefits us all.


We’re News…

20 07 2012

Alchemy Communications Group Joins
Regan Communications Group’s Growing Portfolio

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County was nice enough to put our press release up on its website this week, and then we made the “Hot Leads” column in today’s South Florida Business Journal.

We feel like we’ve hit the big time!

Hey, we know all the press up to now has been because Regan Communications Group (RCG) is a big deal, they’ve been around since 1984, they’re major players. The local pick ups are nice because they’re a bit more about us and what we’ve accomplished since we started Alchemy in 2009. We aren’t exactly flashy, and it’s never been in our nature to self-promote. We’ve always felt that our work speaks for itself, and maybe that’s both naive and idealistic in a world where people tweet their every…um, passing thought. And post things on Facebook that are better left to a one-on-one conversation rather than a permanent digital record.

So, we’re going to get better at “PR.” Especially since we’re part of one of the largest PR firms in the country. Although our relationship is based on Alchemy bringing our unique vision and abilities to this relationship, continuing RCG’s mission to become a full-service marketing communications firm, we will absorb some of their culture as we bring a creative perspective to the relationship that comes from a wholly different place.  This is an exciting time for all of us…

Right Here. Right Now. With the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

23 03 2012
Just some of the components of the "Right Here. Right Now." multimedia campaign developed for the BDB.

Just some of the components of the "Right Here. Right Now." multimedia campaign developed for the BDB.

When the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County decided to reach out to the CEOs of companies headquartered outside of Florida who own second (or third or fourth) homes in Palm Beach County, to educate them about the myriad advantages of relocating their businesses here, it needed an eye-catching campaign that would speak directly to this sophisticated audience on a peer-to-peer level.

The BDB tapped Alchemy Communications Group to come up with a multi-media campaign that would capitalize on a time when this rarefied group would be an essentially captive audience — during the 12 weeks of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. Many of the country’s top CEOs are spectators at the high-stakes competition as their own children vie for top honors.

The table-top tent card

The table-top tent card

So, how do you grab their attention amid the dozens of ads for luxury cars, Hermes saddles and waiting-list handbags, Worth Avenue purveyors, equestrian haberdashers, custom leather equipage, realtors specializing in everything from Palm Beach mansions to horse farms, restaurants, and retailers all vying for the many millions of dollars circulating at WEF?

By asking provocative questions; using a palette of saturated colors that are not the usual “South Florida” pastels; employing the latest in instant digital gratification, the QR code; and tying together print ads in the event’s weekly WIRE program, 30-second TV spots on the Jumbotron, table-top tent cards in the International Club, and PA announcements that all drive to a stand-alone web microsite.

“Our thought process was, ‘What would get the attention of the founder or CEO of a very successful company, who knows South Florida as a vacation destination but has no reason to know that there are some very large national and even international companies that have chosen Palm Beach County as their headquarters?'” says Kelly Owens, partner and editorial director. “We though that if we took some of the little known facts about a handful of our largest and most successful companies, and turned them into somewhat mysterious and provocative questions, we would pique their curiosity to know the answer.”

The small card affixed to the tent card with URL and QR code

The small card affixed to the tent card with URL and QR code

Affixed to the table-top tent cards was a small credit-card-sized card printed with the URL and a QR code. It could be taken and tucked away for later, or scanned with a smart phone right there. The rest of the card was given over to a question that changed each week, and the invitation to find out the answer by visiting the website. The black tent cards were green inside to match the take-away card affixed to the front. Rather than wasting valuable real estate, the inside of the tent card was printed with a series of Quick Facts that echoed the data used in the highly graphic 30-second TV spots.

Titled “Right Here. Right Now.”, both TV spots made use of the long list of advantages and superlatives about doing business in, or moving a business to, Palm Beach County. “We used animated type with a lot of quick cuts and movement on both the horizontal and vertical planes to keep attention on the screen,” says Steve Owens, partner and creative director. “We then laid in voice-over and music to be sure the message was succinctly conveyed.” Alchemy worked with DreamShop Digital Arts for post-production and animation, with Steve directing the spots and Kelly writing the voice-over scripts. Both commercials can be seen on the microsite.

Each week, as the new table-top tent card appeared in the International Club tent, the payoff answer appeared on the microsite in the form of a company profile, along with the picture of the company’s CEO. The Palm Beach County based businesses currently featured in the campaign are Florida Power & Light, Sikorsky Aircraft, Florida Crystals, FTI Consulting, G4S, SBA Communications, Scripps Florida, Max Planck Florida Institute, and LRP Publications.

The microsite can be accessed via QR code with a smart phone or tablet

The microsite can be accessed via QR code with a smart phone or tablet

The Business Development Board’s President, Kelly Smallridge, intends to expand and use the campaign in the economic development organization’s ongoing efforts to attract new industries, business investment, and high-quality jobs to Palm Beach County through corporate relocations and/or expansions, and international trade, which will stimulate economic energy, promote business diversity, and enrich our county’s vitality.

The microsite was built to be flexible so that it can be modified to focus on a specific industry cluster or market cap. Company profiles can be added, moved, or replaced at will, giving the BDB great control over messaging, content, and the ability to update economic data and facts. Alchemy worked with and its principal, Matt Kakuk, to execute the programming of its custom web design work.

Alchemy is already hard at work on the redesign of the BDB’s outgoing marketing collateral package, and the “Right Here. Right Now.” campaign will inform, to some degree, its “Corporate Headquarters” collateral brochure, making further use of the expenditure for this campaign and using its marketing dollars wisely.

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