Taking Proactive to the Next Level

19 03 2015

Last fall, I wrote a blog post for Alchemy that featured a long-form advert that mashed up the Internet’s obsession with cat-based cuteness and the super-cut, sweaty aggro look of sports apparel and fitness beverage spots. It spoke of my admiration for this fully blown viral campaign for Mars Petcare’s Temptations Treats for Cats. The centerpiece was a truly inspired YouTube video (link to come later, because this post really isn’t about it yet).

Almost five months later, I received an email from a very friendly person at the brand’s PR firm pitching me a new campaign constructed in the same fashion: hook, hashtag, user engagement, full media campaign, digital content, social media — and a new video:

While I appreciate the video a whole bunch and contributed to its views and shares (that is a seriously catchy vibe, Los Saicos), what I’m writing about is that this gigantic corporate enterprise and its agency found my blog post. And responded to it.

I find that level of digital search-and-conquer impressive. It reminds me that our efforts leave a pixelated trail of breadcrumbs that can circle back to our clients when we handle this whole integrated media thing properly.

If you’re the least bit curious about the post that provoked the response, just scroll down…that first video is there, too.


Sports and Cats – No, Really…

5 09 2014

What do you get when you cross the Internet’s obsession with cat-based cuteness and the super-cut, sweaty aggro of sports apparel/fitness beverage advertising?



The genius of this spot (designed as much for web-based enjoyment and virality as a broadcast buy) is that it appeals to a truly massive audience. Temptations Treats for Cats has hit on a pitch-perfect pitch that turns the traditional cutesy, meow-y, snuggly, or playful cat kibble spot into an ad that has been viewed since in the last four days over 216,000 times. It could run as successfully during an NFL game as it could during “Ellen.”

The purpose of this brilliant mash-up? Mars Petcare brand just “rolled out” new Temptations Tumblers. What’s the USP? Cat treats that are rounder than previous iterations – not that the average cat cares overmuch. According to the brand’s hype, “Now you can roll, toss or bounce delicious treats for your cats.” Based on years of feline observation, most cats prefer not to participate so actively in the apprehension of said treats.

So what.

With the corresponding hashtag #TimeToPlayBall!, a YouTube channel, and a dedicated Facebook page that began teasing the spot on Tuesday, this is really all about a product marketed to the buyer, not the end-user – which in no way diminishes the creative brilliance of the clip. By this time next week, it will have millions of views and shares, and sales of Tempations Tumblers are guaranteed to see a bump.

It’s a perfect example of how ad agencies can combine creativity and execution; concept and casting; cross-platform marketing; cuteness and edginess; music, muscles, and cats.


12 08 2012

Any time you work on a brand-new event with a client, there’s always the possibility that — even with a great concept and a clever hook, after everyone’s hard work, late nights, inspired ideas, creativity, sharp copy, media hooks, great pitches, relentless social media outreach, promises from everyone to cover the event, smart media buys, great sponsors, high-profile partners, and every other factor you can imagine — you’ll have a half-full venue. There are so many intangibles you can’t control; then add in that it’s summer, in Florida, during hurricane season, when it usually rains every afternoon from 4:00pm until 7:00pm, it’s hot and humid and hair gets frizzy, people are away on last-minute vacations before school starts and/or work gets back to a more normal schedule, and did we mention it’s summer? And that no one knows what a “swede” is?

Midtown's Belle Forino and Sherri Gedraitis in front of the step-and-repeat using our logo and graphics

Midtown’s Belle Forino and Sherri Gedraitis in front of the step-and-repeat using our logo and graphics

Yet none of that seemed to matter last Friday night when the inaugural SWEDE FEST™PALM BEACH launched to a sold out crowd of over 500 attendees on Mainstreet at Midtown.From the red carpet in front of The Borland Center for Performing Arts through the final credits, this was high-energy entertainment for everyone involved, with “swedes” submitted by amateur filmmakers ages 10 to 60.

First, the BG. A swede is a no-budget, laughably bad remake of a hit Hollywood film – the bigger, the better. The term comes from the 2008 Jack Black/Mos Def comedy, Be Kind Rewind, and was made up to explain the sheer awfulness of their remade films by touting them as European – swedes, because it sounded really sophisticated.  No, you probably didn’t see it — it’s not exactly a classic, but neither is it comedy kryptonite. If you did see it, it was probably late at night on Skinemax. We mean Cinemax.

Next thing you know, there’s an underground sweding craze. Two guys in Fresno invited a bunch of friends to make films starring themselves, then get together to screen them in another homage: to the indie film festival – but without the beautiful celebrities, coolness factor, or bidding wars.

And that is the somewhat long and winding road that leads to swede fest™ palm beach, the third official swede fest™. First, Fresno. Then, Tampa Bay. Now, “the Palm Beaches” but really, Palm Beach Gardens, where our client is located. We suggested it was important to secure the trademark in such a way to lock up the event in the area and own it; anyone who wished to come afterward and imitate it would not be able to just tack on another word and piggyback on all our client’s financial investment and hard work. Sad, but a fact in the world of marketing and events.

swede fest logo, color variant #1

swede fest logo, color variant #1

Our job was to come up with the logo, tagline, all of the graphics necessary for social media, create a WordPress-based website for swede fest™ palm beach, write all the content for it, produce two 15-second promo commercials to be show in the local Cobb movie theaters (one promoting the call for entries and the other promoting the festival itself), and work closely with Belle Forino, our client Midtown’s Marketing Coordinator, to manage the social media while she approached local schools, the Palm Beach International Film Festival, the entertainment community, the Palm Beach County Film Commission, and Digital Domain (who became a major sponsor along with its Digital Domain Institute) to drum up support for a grassroots amateur film festival in which short, DIY versions of big-budget feature films are reproduced as cheaply as possible, using family and friends as cast; bedrooms, backyards, and local parks as sets; and toys, pets, and found objects as props.

swede fest palm beach Call For Entries :30 TV Spot from swede fest palm beach on Vimeo.

Bringing a swede fest™ to the area was Belle’s idea after hearing a story on NPR. She contacted the Fresno-based originators, and we were on our way with their blessing and the trademark.

Next came the design of the swede fest™ palm beach logo, and the creation of our tagline “A celebration of bad movie by good people,” which has been variously attributed to other people and festivals, but was created by Alchemy for Midtown. Swede fest tampa bay liked it so much they asked to use it, and in the best swedeing spirit, Belle said, “Of course.” Swede fests aren’t about competition; they’re about the love of movies, a fondness for a good time, and how sometimes bad can be so very good.

Once we settled on a basic logo design, we needed a variety of iterations: a “call for entries” version, a general all-purpose version, a variety of sizes to accommodate Facebook, Twitter, various electronic media buys, the creation of a masthead for the swedefestpalmbeach.com website, and versions in two complementary color schemes in various resolutions for print, web, and other uses.

The electronic "mea culpa" on the date thing

The electronic “mea culpa” on the date thing

We decided the fastest and easiest way to create a web presence for the festival was to build a WordPress-based site hosted on the MidtownPGA.com servers, availing ourselves of the handy array of templates and widgets that would eliminate the hours of programming necessary to create a site from scratch or add everything we envisioned it needing to the existing Midtown website. The site could then be constantly modified, added to, and manipulated by Alchemy rather than adding to the already heavy maintenance schedule of Midtown’s webmaster.

The date for the festival, the opening of the entry submissions and the deadline for those entries, and other milestones were scheduled in early March. However, everyone was so focused on educating people about swede fests, getting them excited about creating films and entering them, creating all of these ad/promo/social media elements, getting the local media interested in the event, securing an emcee, and all the thousand other details that ONE LITTLE THING escaped us that had a tremendous impact: the announcement that the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London would be on Friday, August 27th. Yes, the same day we’d scheduled swede fest™ palm beach.

Rather than see this as a PR disaster, once we knew we could roll the date back one week and still have our venue, we recommended that we make a big joke out of the situation rather than engage in any hand-wringing (we did enough of that internally). So we put out a media alert that said:

We’ve tried to ignore it, but it’s time we addressed what you all have been thinking: yes it’s true, the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympic Games is ON THE SAME NIGHT AS SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH.

The date change graphic

The date change graphic

You can’t fight the power. So we’re taking the high road. We’re willing to step aside and let the U.S. Olympic athletes, and the rest of those competing, have that special night without us siphoning off their audience. We’re moving SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH back a week to FRIDAY, AUGUST 3. Same time, same place. Because there’s no way they can pull off such a sweet move.

Since we’re moving our renegade amateur film festival back a week, we’re going to give our sweders another week, too. THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES ROLLS BACK TO FRIDAY, JULY 20. Everyone wins.

Put it on your calendars now. SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH deadline for entries is Friday, July 20. SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH is Friday, August 3. Screenings begin at 7:00PM at The Borland Center for Performing Arts. Take that, London.

And created a graphic that we emailed to the database and posted to all our social media that was essentially a gigantic mea culpa. It worked.

swede fest palm beach Event Announcement :15 TV Spot from swede fest palm beach on Vimeo.

The "sweded" Mainstreet at Midtown logo

The “sweded” Mainstreet at Midtown logo

And in spite of the fact that this did create a few glitches (the need to find new emcees — The Jove Comedy Experience stepped in and were just amazing; the fact that so many community calendars had already run the original date and it was too late to get most of them to run the new date; and a few other little things), the client was thrilled with the media coverage, the event turnout, how many new visitors of all ages were on Mainstreet at Midtown that night, how many great people volunteered “in kind” sponsorships to be involved (edited to mention that Hollywood Cupcake makes Kelly’s heart sing for joy and her cupcakes are little sugar bombs of happiness and rainbows and angels singing. Was that too much?)

In fact, we think you can consider a first-time event a success when the client tells you at said event the date she’s chosen for next year’s event.

The best-dressed swedeing team EVER

The best-dressed swedeing team EVER

swede fest™ palm beach will be on Friday, August 2, 2013 for those of you who want to start planning what film to swede now and whether you’ll be raiding Goodwill’s toy department for your cast, your pets will play supporting roles, or whether you’ve always secretly wanted to wear a superhero costume and/or play Wolverine. You know you want it.

The team who sweded "Old School"

The team who sweded “Old School”

Yep. we’re going to go out on a limb and say that not only do people now know what a swede is, we’ll easily double the almost 40 entries in swede fest™ palm beach 2012 with an embarrassment of riches — in this case, a plethora of swedes — in 2013. This is what special event are supposed to do for your client, and this little renegade, amateur film festival really delivered.

Downtown Beauty Institution Debuts New Web Presence with Unique Video Productions

12 06 2012
The Cosmo & Company Home Page

The Cosmo & Company Home Page

When you’ve been a mainstay in the area’s salon industry for almost four decades, surprising your clientele is going to take something really…different. One thing Cosmo DiSchino has never feared is taking a risk. Ever since opened his original downtown West Palm Beach location after arriving from Boston’s famed Newbury Street, Cosmo has been the man behind the chair. He is the mastermind, the owner, the motivator, and the mentor at Cosmo & Company. Always on the leading edge where fashion and beauty fuse, Cosmo & Company caters to a diverse clientele ranging from those who have been loyal customers since the salon opened its doors in 1989, to bold-faced names who slip in for a private appointment during the social season and your favorite news anchors, to year-round residents of every age, profession, and style, from conservative to right-off-the-runway.

The home page J-Query slide show contains shots of the salon's employees

The home page J-Query slide show contains shots of the salon’s employees

So when Cosmo and his salon managers, Kathy Silver and Nadia DiSChino-Yazinka, realized it was time for the salon’s website to upgrade to match its new waterfront location on Flagler Drive overlooking Palm Beach, Cosmo already knew one element he wanted incorporated into the new site: videos. He envisioned each member of the staff recording a short intro so that visitors to the site who had never been to the salon could not only read bios on his 27 employees (as well as his own), but could also actually see more than just a still photo — they could see that person speaking directly to them, extending an invitation to come to the salon and avail themselves of whatever that person’s speciality might be.

When we sat down for our first creative meeting with Cosmo, we knew that we needed to capture the essence of what the wildly busy salon with the contemporary/elegant atmosphere is like and translate that into a visual representation for the website — but we also realized that we had some real personalities that would lend themselves to something more than 15- or 30-second video bios. We needed a website that was clean and bright, yet kinetic. We would address that in the color palette, the navigation, and by using a J-Query slide show that would create movement and the same sense of energy one feels in the salon.

We also realized we had a cast of characters — a variety of people who could sit down and do a true interview, resulting in longer-form clips that would really capture how unique Cosmo and the members of his “family” (as he calls them) are as people, some of them with decades of history at the salon. They had fabulous stories, interesting backgrounds, and distinct personalities that could be captured in a way that would allow someone to watch a video and say, “THAT’S the person who is going to understand me and what I want.”

On the "Our Team" page, each staffer's B&W picture turns to a larger color version as you roll over it

On the “Our Team” page, each staffer’s B&W picture turns to a larger color version as you roll over it

In a single-day shoot, Alchemy pulled together a team consisting of still photographer Dana Hoff, videographer Scott Zimmer of DreamShop Digital Arts and his second cameraman, with Steve shooting behind-the-scenes stills and directing, and Kelly acting as the day’s James Lipton, interviewing Cosmo and three other staffers for the long-form pieces, and lending support as the person off-camera each of the staff speaks to as they give their short biography, coaching them and offering encouragement.

“Even though it was just the Cosmo staff and our small crew, speaking into a camera lens can be daunting, no matter how easy you think it’s going to be,” Kelly says. “It’s just strangely awkward, so it helps to have someone standing right there next to the camera, blocking your view of the cameraman,  making it into a conversation, helping to keep it feeling casual and a bit less weird.”

At the end of each bio is a link to click that opens the person's short video bio

At the end of each bio is a link to click that opens the person’s short video bio

Going forward, the plan is to periodically shoot more of the longer video pieces, utilizing a mix of interviews and instructional/educational clips. Alchemy and its programming partner, Matt Kakuk at Localmanagement.us, created a YouTube channel for the salon where all of the Cosmo & Company clips were uploaded, and code written into the site to pull them back in for viewing either in Flash (in a separate area of the site) or HTML (so they can be viewed on smartphones).

“In order to capture the varietyof personalities in Cosmo’s salon, we took a candid approach to filming, using three cameras,” says Steve. “That gave us room in the edit to pull out some behind-the-scenes moments, sometimes catching the subject off guard, laughing, repeating their story because they flubbed a word or tripped over what they meant to say, or realizing that they were figeting. All of these things come together and are intercut with the final footage so you get a sense of them as real people — both as consummate professionals committed to their craft, and as individuals from different places with varied experiences and tremendous energy.”

The Flash video section is separate so that those viewing the website on an iPad or smartphone won't end up there accidentally

The Flash video section is separate so that those viewing the website on an iPad or smartphone won’t end up there accidentally

The site is also integrated with the salon’s back-end booking software, which allows patrons to schedule appointment and create custom gift cards right on the website. The custom Content Management Software developed by Matt Kakuk allows the salon’s manager, Nadia, to create a variety of specials (tied to holidays, product lines, specific services, or sale/clearance items), add before-and-after images to a style gallery, add new product lines to the “What’s in Store” section of the site, and make changes to virtually all of the site’s text and images. It’s a level of freedom from having to depend on outside help that was another of the salon’s goals.

Mom Jeans and Pie

28 04 2011
Hot Mom Jeans -- not an oxymoron anymore.

Hot Mom Jeans -- not an oxymoron anymore.

Nothing mom-like about these, either...

Nothing mom-like about these, either...

They’ve done it again; The Wall Street Journal has written about something seemingly so far afield from the Bernanke press conference and stock prices that I am grinning wickedly. Of course, it actually does have a monetary and advertising/marketing tie-in — women over the age of 35 spend a LOT of money on clothes, and can better afford to spend $200+ on a pair of jeans. But this headline was just too non-WSJ for me to pass up: “A Makeover for ‘Mom Jeans.’

Then there’s the pie. According to MediaPost.com via Supermarket News, the pie is beating the cream filling out of cupcakes, and is the next big food crush. So, this is my “mom and apple pie” blog post, albeit turned on its head a bit.

Yummy goodness...

Yummy goodness...

First, an admission — I’m a mom, I’m smack in the target age range for mom jeans, and I love cupcakes. But I’m as likely to buy mom jeans or stop eating cupcakes as I am to start driving a minivan, i.e. never gonna happen. Truly. Never.

But I appreciate designers and clothiers realizing that jeans for skinny little twenty-somethings are just one segment of the market. Levi’s is doing a great print campaign with its jeans, showing cuts for different body types — which include a curvy cut with a higher rise that would fall into the “mom jeans” category, even if they don’t market it as such.

“Women aged 35 to 54 bought $2.29 billion worth of jeans for the 12 months ending in January, up 1 percent from the year-ago period, according to NPD Group data,” the Wall Street Journal notes. “In comparison, women aged 18 to 34 bought $3.03 billion worth of jeans in the same period, down 1 percent from a year ago. The biggest growth in denim in the past year was in the 55 and older demographic, where women spent $1.24 billion, up 17 percent from the year-ago period.” (italics are mine)

And to top it off, many of these new jeans are about a quarter of the price I’ve been paying for my jeans. Huh.

Here’s my favorite quote from the article: “’Women want to continue to hold on to their youth,’ said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group. ‘Older women have invested in Botox and hair coloring. Key fashion items are also part of preserving a more youthful look. Jeans can literally help shape your body.'” Nice going, Marshal — now I know how to order my “feminine” priorities: Save up for Botox, start dying my gray hair, and find a pair of jeans that smoosh me into a shape pleasing to men.

And therefore, we now have Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Little in the Middle, Kut From the Kloth, Democracy Declaration of Jean Dependence, and new cuts from denim mainstays Lucky Brand, J Crew, and Loft (Ann Taylor). So forget that hilarious/mocking Saturday Night Live commercial parody touting a new line of “Mom Jeans,” as tragically dowdy women romped in high-waisted denim monstrosities, and a voice-over invited: “This Mother’s Day, give her something that says, ‘I’m not a woman any more.…I’m a mom.’”

So, moms are going to be looking both cooler and hotter. As it should be.

Of course, if you’re as hot for cupcakes as I am, you’ll be quite interested in knowing about the “…trademarked ‘Lift Tuck’ technology that lifts and supports a woman’s bottom, while a crisscross panel in the front helps tuck and compress the stomach,” that characterizes Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. No matter what Supermarket News says, I will NOT be trading cupcakes for pie, even if it means I have to rely on Lift Tuck technology to look hot white I eat said cupcakes.

Bootsy Collins circa 1976

Bootsy Collins circa 1976

The stats in Supermarket News are heartening for the purveyors of desserts, but they also reveal another, unexplored angle: “In many supermarket bakery departments, desserts held steady during the recession, with new sizes and new takes on classics such as pies and brownies bolstering sales.” Also, that “70% of U.S. consumers eat dessert at least once a week, and that baked goods on limited services menus rose 20% from 2008 to 2010.” That adds up to a lot of empty calories, and tons of commercials airing for weight loss systems — could there be a causal relationship, perhaps? However, I am in no way judging. Cupcakes are like a little ray of frosted sparkling sunshine and should be enjoyed however you see fit. And pie’s no slouch in the happiness department.

Oh, and if you didn’t see today’s online Wall Street Journal, you missed a great article about bassist Bootsy Collins. Yes, that Bootsy Collins: Parliament, Funkadelic, P-Funk, George Clinton, James Brown. As in “Bootsy Collins Rules ‘The Funk Capital of the World.'” Go that in one.

Turns Out Marketing is Really the Pits…

31 03 2011
Actor Jessica Szohr, "Gossip Girl" and armpit model...

Actor Jessica Szohr, "Gossip Girl" and armpit model...

Here we go again — I caught a headline in the Wall Street Journal that practically gave me whiplash. If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ll know I LOVE to find articles in the WSJ that are waaaayyyy off-topic in relation to the reams of copy written about global stock markets and the paper’s conservative-leaning editorial.

The headline in question? I reproduce it here in the same point-size type as the online article…

Unilever Tackles the Ugly Underarm

Turns out that the market for antiperspirant and deodorant is, in essence, 100% saturated. Oh, these bon mots are just going to keep coming.

What’s a savvy marketer to do? Come up with a new reason for female consumers to switch brands: Re-mediating our unattractive underarms.

Now, lots of R&D, marketing brain power, and multiple focus groups no doubt went into the creation of this campaign to get women to drop their current underarm product and try, “Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless, which hits U.S. stores this week, (which) claims its formula of specialized moisturizers will give women better-looking underarms in five days. It was inspired by Unilever PLC research that found 93% of women consider their armpits unattractive.”

I, of course, missed out on this poll, and at 93%, I don’t think I would have skewed the results in the opposite direction much, but WHAT THE *&#$?

Who are these women looking in the mirror thinking, “My armpits are SO ugly”? If this isn’t a perfect example of the beauty/skincare industry making a market out of thin air, I don’t know what is.  Because, really, I still have so much time left to devote to my pits after worrying about my crow’s feet, perioral wrinkles, laugh lines, frown lines, gray hair, frizzies, sun damage, rough elbows and knees, calluses, getting a close shave, the occasional pimple, staggeringly bad hair days, my neck looking older than my face, my hands looking older than my neck, and all the products I need apply to my body and face in the morning and before bed to defy gravity. And this is by no means a complete list.

Dove's "Pretty Pits" product will likely fly off the shelves...

Dove's "Pretty Pits" product will likely fly off the shelves...

What will I do should I actually start using this product and my armpits are suddenly “hot”? Go sleeveless, lean back in my chair a lot, and fold my hands behind my head so these gorgeous stretches of axillary skin can be admired?

The quotes in this story are just comedy gold, people. “We spoke with over 500 women, and almost every one of them thinks that their underarms are unattractive,” says Mike Dwyer, U.S. marketing director for Unilever’s deodorant business, including its Dove, Degree and Axe brands (oh, now here’s a topic for me to hop on a rant about — if you have a teenage boy, you’ve been smacked by Axe). One in three, meanwhile, said they feel more confident when their pits are in good condition, leading Mr. Dwyer to say, “How do we give them that confidence?”

Um, how about we don’t further erode women’s’ self-confidence by telling them they need to add armpit perfection to the list of stuff they have to do to be attractive to a potential mate specifically, and the rest of the judgmental world generally?

I will not go all TMI and tell you what I do and don’t do about my suddenly spotlighted armpits. Instead, we’ll move back into the realm of marketing and say whoever came up with this one is the proverbial goose who is laying golden advertising eggs. To whit..

“With nearly all American adults already using deodorant, driving additional sales gains requires giving shoppers new reasons to spend. ‘If we don’t continue to invent products that improve consumers’ lives, we’ll have trouble growing our business,’ says Kevin Hochman, a marketing director for Procter & Gamble Co.’s female beauty brands, including Secret deodorant.”

They’ve recruited  a celebrity willing to hawk this stuff; absolutely NO surprise with a  generation of celebs for whom truly nothing is embarrassing or private.  “A print ad for Dove’s new deodorant points out that ‘nearly 100% of women’ find their underarms unattractive. In one ad, Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr posed in a sleeveless shirt with one arm raised. ‘With Dove, Jessica’s ready to bare those beautiful underarms!’ the caption reads.”

I expect these new products from Dove and Secret to fly off the shelves, especially here in South Florida where our hideous underarms are on display 51 weeks a year (amortized to figure random “cold” days adding up to one week of sweater weather). I guess Steve and I need to brainstorm on the next area of the female body we can demonize and then develop a product to “fix” it.

Alchemy’s Sell Your Sole” cream aimed specifically at the awful wrinkles, scars, visible veins, and calluses that arise from walking on the planet for a few decades? Oh, they’ve already got a product for that. We’ll have to delve deeper — the nape of the neck doesn’t get much attention, does it?

Redfining Glamour: The LadyLash Studios Website Debuts

17 02 2011
The LadyLash.com home page, with slideshow of their work.

The LadyLash.com home page, with slideshow of their work.

Sometimes a project comes along and the client says, “I trust you; be creative as possible; capture our persona.”

These are the projects that allow us to expand the boundaries, show a client in the best light possible, capture the essence of who/what they are, and then take it to the a whole new level.

Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez, of LadyLash Studios, are that client. They trusted us implicitly to interpret who and what they are.

They had no website, and were doing all their online promotion through Facebook and Twitter — in fact, they’re a fascinating case of how best to utilize the tools of social marketing.

But without a website, all those TV appearances, the marketing, the video shoots, and the PR left those interested in buying Georgio’s pro makeup line, Mikaela’s Luster Lash ™ eyelash growth product, hiring them for editorial makeup assignments, or making an appointment for lash extensions, brows, or makeup, looking up phone numbers, sending email, Tweeting, or posting to their Facebook wall.

"The Style" section of the Ladylash.com website.

"The Style" section of the Ladylash.com website.

Today, what they have is a fully functioning e-commerce website that contains all the biographical info, the locations and services offered at their two studios, a news feed comprised of Facebook and Twitter posts,  a video library that includes segments from The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, FOX-TV, local TV, and behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots with Marissa Hopson, Pantene’s first reality hair star; LadyLash’s first Super Woman, Elisabetta Fantone; their anniversary bash; a shoot for Luster Lash; fashion events at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach; and many others.

The e-commerce aspect of the site was of the utmost importance — when you go on The Today Show and talk about your makeup or your lash-growth product, and then no one can find it online, instead having to call your local Delray Beach studio, you’re not maximizing all of your PR and Marketing efforts, and losing potential clients with every appearance and article.

"The Line" section of the LadyLash website.

"The Line" section of the LadyLash website.

Today, LadyLash Studios has a website that is so organically “THEM” that you’d think they designed it themselves, and for us, that is the highest compliment.

Steve created the overall design of the site and every page layout, fashioning high-style slide shows from their work and promoting the services of Mikaela and Georgio, the studio locations, and the professional-quality makeup products “LadyLash by Georgio Fernandez.”

Yes,  I did all the writing, and the site was programmed by Matt Kakuk and LocalManagement.us.

This was a hugely collaborative effort, in that our number-one priority was to be sure that even if you haven’t been to LadyLash Studios, you feel like you’ve been there,  that you’ve met this magnetic husband-and-wife team, that their makeup line is going to be top-shelf, and that they are truly dedicated to changing the face of beauty, one woman at a time.

A product page from "The Line" section of the LadyLash.com website.

A product page from "The Line" section of the LadyLash.com website.

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